Jucivol Partners held the Fifth European Meeting in Ljubljana on October 2018.  Since this was our last meeting important and critical deadlines were set in order to show the success of our project.  


To prepare the future of JuCiVol’s original approach in France and Europe, the University of Burgos (lead partner, Spain) and Iriv conseil, co-initiator and French partner, involved key actors who allowed experimentation in the field (in Ile de France and Hautes Pyrénées) and/or who worked on the social and professional integration of young people or …


Jucivol Partners held the Fourth European Meeting in Rome.  As in other occasions, European meetings have been an excellent scenarios to follow up on partners’ activities, to reach agreements and to establish deadlines for the remaining tasks. Thanks to the Italian partners Erifo for their hospitality


Rafael Calvo, as Jucivol representative, developed this last training session with 8 people. The session took place in Burgos Acoge headquarters. It was exciting to see the results of the process and how the action plans have been developed successfully.       


The Spanish team of the Jucivol Project organized an Advisory Board in the Main theatre of Burgos. During the session, the youngsters presented their Action Plans describing to the public the future actions they will develop in their volunteer programs. At the end, the participants received a diploma for their involvement and knowledge they have …


13 people attended this session with youngsters in Burgos Acoge headquarters. Spanish Jucivol Team was surprised by the youngsters´ involvement and their motivation to develop their Action Plans.