JUCIVOL Training sessions for young volunteers in Rome

In late April 2018, ERIFO implemented 5 training sessions for young people out of employment and education within the framework of the Jucivol project.

The training sessions involved 26 young people of the city of Rome and the Roman Province who expressed the willingness and interest in attending a training course that aimed at developing their key competencies – namely their sense of initiative and entrepreneurship and their social and civic competencies.

The youngsters involved were all informed about the project aim before the start of the training sessions. Being the trainees out of education and work, the participation to a non-formal and unconventional training represented an incentive for their participation in the sessions.

The mentors from ERIFO guided the participants through the steps identified by the Jucivol Training for youngsters tool developed by the partnership. Each session has been delivered as a blended training, in which the more theoretical part has been associated with the practical one, following the steps designed by the Jucivol project.

During the mentoring journey, youngsters defined together what a volunteer is and do, used card games to illustrate what kind of obstacles volunteers usually face and finally constructed an action plan based on a volunteering project they would like to implement.

The training sessions have been different from one another, especially because each session has been adapted to trainees needs and personalities. The journey has been enriching for both mentors and youngsters, as their evaluation and feedback has testified. The training activities have met youngsters expectations, especially because the training has been delivered in an unconventional way, which has improved the impact and the effect of the training.




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