JUCIVOL Mentoring Sessions in Rome

In May 2018, ERIFO delivered 5 mentoring days directed at volunteers from different Italian non-governmental organisations, associations and no-profits based in Rome and in the Roman province.

The volunteers participated in different training sessions aimed at giving them the tools to teach and mentor new volunteers. During the sessions, experienced volunteers have been introduced with the tool developed by the Jucivol project. Together with the trainers of ERIFO, volunteers went through the steps identified by the partners to successfully guide young disadvantaged people who are out of employment and education and may find their way in society through volunteering.

The mentoring sessions gave the participating volunteers the means to become mentors themselves. In this way, they will be not only educators of young learners approaching a volunteering career, but they will also become their mentors. In fact, what young people socially at risk need, is a support system that helps them overcome obstacles and difficulties.

Through the testing of the practical activities identified in the Mentoring for educators tool developed by the partnership, experienced volunteers had the chance to experiment the mentoring journey they will face with the young learners helped by the ERIFO mentors.

The sessions were experienced as a journey path by participants. The final reflective part was a successful moment to share impressions and feelings regarding the session.


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