2nd Transnational meeting in Paris

On April 20th and 21h we held the 2nd Transnational meeting of Jucivol at Iriv Conseil in Paris. The meeting was attended by:

  • For Iriv Conseil: Dr. Bénédicte Halba, president and founder of the Institute for Research and Information on Volunteering (iriv) and director of Iriv Conseil and Quentin Malouitre, in charge of migrations project for iriv conseil.
  • For the Burgos University: Dr. Monica Ibanez Angulo, professor of Sociology and Andrés Ameijide Arce, doctoral student.
  • For ZRC-SAZU: Dr. Katarina Srimpf, research assistant at the Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts of Slovenian Ethnology.
  • For ERIFO: Federica De Paola, Researcher at the Ente di Ricerca e Formazione.
  • For INEK – PEO: Pavlos Kalosinatos, general director of Cyprus Labour Institute of the Pancyprian Federation of Labour and Dr. Loucas Antoniou, Expert evaluator, researcher.
  • For the Maison des Associations: Sylvie Marchand, director of Maison des Associations of XIVe district of Paris.
  • For the Cité des Métiers : Vincent MOUSSEAU, director of the Cité des Métiers.
  • Magdalena SKORO, president of FISPE
  • Bernadette Thomas and Sylvie Sesma, in charge of partnerships for the Cité des Métiers

The meeting was necessary and useful to clarify many points of the project. It was a success regarding the compromises acquired, the active participation and the good communication among the partners.


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