Knowledge Exchange

Marie Curie RISE Actions (included under the European Programme for Research and Innovation Horizon 2020) are a new initiative, focussed at promoting international and intersectoral collaboration through short stays (secondments) of personnel between partner institutions (Universities and companies). It’s about sharing ideas and knowledge from the world of research to business and vice versa, promoting the progress of science and the development of innovation.

This MSC-RISE Action is related to Nanomaterials. NanoMaterials (NMs) safety is of great societal concern and raises many questions for the general public, governments, industry, scientists and regulators.  Identifying and controlling the hazards associated with NMs is required to ensure the safety of the general public, workers and the environment in parallel to exploiting its technological benefits.

By the end of 2015, the Nanotechnology World Market Size will hit €3trillion in a broad range of sectors (chemical manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, aerospace, electronics, materials etc.), while by 2025, nanotechnology is expected to be a mature yet still growing industry, with count-less mainstream products in all different industrial sectors. In this context, Europe aims to play a market leader position, increasing its competitiveness in all sectors where nanotechnology may have a strong added value. However, growth and commercialization of nanotechnology must be guided and fostered by responsible innovation taking account of social and sustainability aspects. This is one of the main arguments for this project to attract the European Community interest.

Plan of Secondments

Performed secondments for NANOGENTOOLS are the following:


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