By request of the EACEA, we participated at the KOM in Brussels on February 22nd and 23rd. As coordinators of the project, Mónica Ibáñez-Angulo and Miriam Manrique Domingo from the University of Burgos participated in representation of Jucivol. At that meeting we had an overview of other European Projects including Policy Context and other EU initiatives supporting …


Understanding and Tackling the Migration Challenge: The Role of Research International Conference, 4-5 February 2016, Brussels


Research & Innovation Projects in support to European Policy Migration and Mobility:


Horizon 2020Europe in a changing world – Inclusive, innovative and reflective societies:   “Net4Society is the international network of National Contact Points for the Societal Challenge 6 (“Europe in a changing world: inclusive, innovative and reflective societies”) in Horizon 2020. National Contact Points (NCPs) are set up to guide researchers in their quest for …


Religious Diversity in Europe – past, present and future


AMIF funding opportunity for migrant participation & integration of resettled or relocated refugees: