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Europe  faces diverse types of migration, migration flows as well as motivations to migrate are diferents and changing in nature.

Migration Research Platform

Migration Research Platform encompasses activities under the Framework Programme on Migration and Mobility. Since 1994, approx. 80 projects on migration have been funded within the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Framework Programme.
This research has studied different aspects of the migration phenomenon, including immigrant integration, temporary/circular migration, trans-nationalism, migration and gender relations, migration and development, migration flows, migration data and statistical modelling, diversity, economic impact of immigration, and transnational families.
On this page you can find various links to documentation on this European reality:
Policy Review “Research on Migration: Facing Realities and Maximising Opportunities
Publication “Research & Innovation Projects in support to European Policy- Migration and Mobility
International Conference “Understanding and Tackling the Migration Challenge: The Role of Research”: link 1; link 2pdf.
Policy responses to migration must be based on a sound and evidence-based understanding of the various phenomena surrounding migration. To this end, Unit Open and inclusive Societies held a workshop on 16 September 2015 gathering Social Sciences and Humanities research projects on migration. The workshop covered various aspects of migration, including the transitioning character of transnational migration; temporary versus permanent migration; social inclusion of immigrants and ethnic minorities; social cohesion and migrant attitudes towards the welfare state.
Workshop on Migration: Research and Innovation

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