An example of students who can self-assess themselves and work autonomously


Autor: Juan Carlos Araujo Portugal
ISBN: 978-84-16283-48-4 (Edición en papel) y 978-84-16283-49-1 (Edición e-book)
Universidad de Burgos, 2018  
210 pp.
Formato: fresado engomado

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Colección: Estudios y monografías, 62
Materia: Aprendizaje de lenguas: destrezas específicas

This book presents a research study that tries to ascertain whether two groups of students can accurately self-assess their strengths and weaknesses in English. Apart from this, it examines whether this information coincides with the marks they attained in their final exams. Moreover, it speculates whether these students might have used the information about their weakest skills in English in order to improve them. The study also attempts to establish to what extent these students perceive they have become more autonomous learners through the use of the course wiki. Moreover, they are encouraged to reflect on different ways to become even more autonomous.