University of Burgos

Sept. 22-24, 2021

bishops blessing diocesis

The Gregorian Reform led to a reframing of the role of bishops and diocesan institutions that cemented their power and ultimately permitted the construction of the great Gothic cathedrals of Europe. To mark the 800th anniversary of the Cathedral of Burgos, we propose to explore the dynamics, strategies, institutions and personnel behind the construction of the medieval diocese leading to the building of the temples we admire today. Our focus will be on the period 1150-1250, culminating as it does in the construction of the Cathedral of Burgos, but we welcome papers on other parts of Europe and set in other medieval periods that explore the following themes related to the emergence of the mature medieval diocese:

Submissions: proposals no longer than 300 words for either individual papers or panels should be submitted to

Languages: Spanish, English              Registration Fee: 50 euros

Conference Fee 

The registration fee is 50€ and should be paid into the account (IBAN) ES0800496738542216014076 before July 30th, indicating clearly the words ‘Inscripción CONDIOME’ followed by your name. For example: Inscripción CONDIOME María Pérez 

Key Dates:

  • Deadline for submissions, March 1st
  • Confirmation of acceptance, April 15th
  • Registration opens, May 1st
  • Registration ends, July 30th

Venue: Facultad de Humanidades, Universidad de Burgos

Convenors: Susana Guijarro (Univ. Cantabria), David Peterson (Univ. Burgos)

Conference secretaries: Leticia Agúndez (Univ. Cantabria) & Iván García Izquierdo (Univ. Burgos)

Organised by: Área de Historia Medieval de la Universidad de Burgos & Área de Historia Medieval de la Universidad de Cantabria, Proyecto Burgensis (PID2019-108273CB-100).

Sponsored by:

Diputación Provincial de Burgos
Diputación Provincial de Burgos
Proyecto Burgensis
Proyecto Burgensis