Submission of Papers. Main Dates

  • The submission of abstracts submission shall be done until 30 September 2019.
  • The authors will receive an e-mail from the Organizing Committee, by 20 January 2020, to inform them is their abstracts have been accepted.
  • The submission of complete papers shall be done between the date of acceptance and 15 March 2020


  • Each paper must have at least a booking (not needed that is the first author’s one).
  • It is only accepted one paper per registration.
  • There is not a maximum number of authors per paper.
  • The papers that opt for publication in Transportation Research Procedia must be sent in English.
  • In case the paper is accepted, the registration fee must be paid in 5 days.



  • A selection of papers will be published in a special issue of the journal Transportation Research Procedia.
  • The review for the papers for this special issue will be made after the Conference.
  • The papers must be presented in the technical sessions of the Conference to be considered for the publication in this journal.


As in previous editions, the CIT 2020 wants to support the work of young researchers. Therefore, the organization of special sessions is expected, in collaboration with those responsible for formation of the Forum of Transport Engineering (FIT), which will facilitate the exchange of ideas and enhance the scientific formation.

To participate in these special sessions for young researchers, the first author of the paper must be under 35 years and not have finished him/her PhD or have done it in a period not exceeding 2 years before the dates of the Conference. The papers will be judged by a tribunal of professors of the FIT, which will be awarded the following awards:

More info soon


  • All the papers must be submitted in the stablished format to be considered.
  • The work must be pasted, without images and figures, in the text box after the online application form. It must also be sent in doc, docx or pdf format, following the instructions located in the web of the Conference; here the authors can place all the figures and images that needed.
  • The submission of a paper means that the document is original, and that it has not been published nor awarded with any prize previously.

To send your abstract…

  • Access the portal and register yourself, filling the online form.
  • Once registered, you can send your abstract to the platform, selecting the option “Envío de Comunicaciones” in the left menu, and following the instructions that will appear in each step.

Conference Topics

  • Airports
  • Bicycles and pedestrians
  • Big data on transport
  • Economy of transport
  • Infrastructures
  • ITS, operation and management
  • Logistics, operations and transportation of goods
  • Mobility
  • Modelling and simulation
  • New vehicles and means of mobility
  • Planning of transport
  • Ports
  • Public transport public
  • Railways
  • Safety in transport
  • Sustainability
  • Traffic and road safety
  • Training and innovation in transport
  • Vehicles, automotive and equipment