Forsvarets forskninginstitutt (FFI)


Agency under the Ministry of Defence, defence-related research

Identification of substances and scenarios, guidelines for sampling

Forsvartes forskninginstitutt FFI is organized as an administrative agency subordinate to the Ministry of Defence and is the prime institution responsible for defence-related research in Norway. Its principal mission is to carry out research and development to meet the requirements of the Armed Forces. FFI is the chief adviser on defence-related science and technology to the political and military leadership and is to investigate aspects of the scientific development in science and military technology that can influence our security policy or defence planning. FFI collaborates closely with national and international scientific institutions and industry and has a total scientific staff of > 700 where more that 70% hold a MSc or PhD degree. FFI has been involved in biological threat related issues since 1998, including different professions to assess biological threat, detect and identify biological threat agents in environmental and food/water samples in order to improve national and international biological response and preparedness.