Universidad de Burgos (UBU)


Supramolecular Chemistry Group, Faculty of Science

Development of fluorescent probes, sensor development & testing

Universidad de Burgos The University of Burgos currently has almost 8000 students studying at the Faculties of Science, Economics and Business Studies, Humanities and Education, Law, and the Higher Polytechnic School. It currently offers over 30 different undergraduate degrees, over 20 PhD Programmes, as well as several Official Masters and other graduate courses. It is located at the North of Spain, in the region of Castilla and León. The Faculty of Science offers the European degrees, official masters and doctorates of Excellence in Chemistry and Food Technology. Research in the Faculty is performed by the departments of Chemistry and Biothechnology-Food Science and the technical support of a fully equipped technological and scientific park. The Faculty of Science is currently involved in several regional, national and European research projects, including some Excellence research projects. The New Heterocyclic Materials and Supramolecular Chemistry Group is integrated in the Chemistry Department and is currently involved in the development of new selective fluorogenic probes for biometabolites, a field in which the group of research has got some successful achievements. Through the consolidation and integration of competences, the interdisciplinarity of the members can better address research questions in the complex field of sensor design.