TEKEVER ASDS, Project Coordinator (TEK)


Research and project-heavy medium-sized enterprise

Development of sensor electronics & communications network

TEKEVER ASDS TEKEVER ASDS is a spin-off of the TEKEVER Group focused on providing the Aeronautics, Space, Defense and Security markets with innovative technology that enables their modernization and evolution through better communication, information and action means in a continuous, sustainable and cooperative way. TEKEVER ASDS invests significantly in the research and maturing of low maturity, disruptive technologies that may then be integrated into the design and development of innovative user-driven products and solutions. TEKEVER ASDS has coordinated multiple national projects (e.g. on UAVs, hybrid MANET-Satcom networks and portable energy sources for military personnel) and has been involved indirectly in multiple projects from the TEKEVER group including an EDA project and two FP7 projects. The majority of staff of TEKEVER ASDS comes from the TEKEVER group and thus brings an extensive set of expertise and competences that are currently being applied with success at TEKEVER ASDS.