Burgos has many close airports (two or three hours travelling by bus or train).

RECOMMENDED: The most convenient option is to arrive to Madrid Barajas airport and, from Terminal T4, take a direct bus to Burgos with Alsa company from Terminal T4 (Alsa supra bus recommended: 2h30 min). When booking this bus, please remind to indicate your departure point Madrid -> Barajas Airport T4. You can also take a Short distance train (Cercanías) from T4 to Madrid Chamartin Station (20 min) and then link with a regular Renfe train to Burgos.

Another option is to arrive to Bilbao Airport, get to Bilbao Cuty by taxi or public transport and afterwards, to take a direct bus from Bilbao bus station to Burgos operated by Alsa company.

Other close airports are at Valladolid or at Santander city with linking to Burgos by train or by bus.


Alsa bus company offers frequent bus connections with Burgos from other cities. Burgos bus station is located in the city center.

In Madrid, Alsa bus station is located in the “Avenida América” transportation node. The trip from Madrid to Burgos takes around 2h 30m. To arrive from Madrid Barajas airport there is a regular bus line from Terminal T4 to Burgos with Alsa company.

In Bilbao, Alsa bus station is located in the city center. In this case, there isn’t a direct bus from Bilbao airport to Burgos but there is a regular bus line that connects the airport to the bus station. The trip Bilbao-Burgos takes 1h 45m (direct line) or 3h 45m (check the trip duration and the itinerary) and is operated by Alsa company too.



Burgos train station (Rosa de Lima) is 5km away from the city center, but there are buses and taxis to get to Burgos centre. Connections to Barcelona, Bilbao, Madrid and other national international cities are available. This is operated by Renfe.

From Madrid Chamartí­n station there are around five daily train connections to Burgos.

After arriving to the train station in Burgos you have to take either a bus or a taxi in order to reach the city centre. The bus lines that connect train station to city centre are 25, 43, and 80.