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The XVth Congress of the Spanish Association of Semiotics is a reflection on analytical categories of time, temporality and temporalization and their theoretical success within the field of Semiotics. The aim is to explore how they are used in semiotic analyses and which is their current theoretical status. We will deal with all the areas belonging to the tradition of semiotics of culture, narrative semiotics, semiotics of discourse, textual semiotics, etc., and the relationships among them.

To this end, we invite you to send papers proposals focused on the tools linked to the concept of time (temporalization, temporality, aspectualization, etc.) or on showing their explanatory suitability to research on cultural phenomena, and to study the different sense of this category in each culture.

We also seek to think about the role of the concept of time in Semiotics, and about the semiotic tools coming from it. We are interested in the relationships between the Semiotics and other perspectives of the study of culture as History, Historiography, Sociology and Anthropology.

In this way, we will take into consideration analytical and theoretical proposals, and all those proposals whose purpose is to cross/intersect Semiotics with other cultural disciplines in which the tools linked to time served as analytical filter, methodological key or simple inquiry on time.

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The period for submission of proposals will be open from 15 February to 31 May 2013. The abstracts, which may be sent in Spanish, English, French, Italian and Portuguese, have a maximum of 500 words and shall be accompanied by one title, three keywords, and the following personal data

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The subject matter of the congress will be time, temporality and temporalization.
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Semiotics and history. Senses of time
16th, 17th and 18th October 2013
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