In 1517, the Augustinian friar Martin Luther published his Ninety-five Theses in Wittenberg. This event symbolizes the beginning of a period of great unrest in all the areas of Christian Europe.

The following year Francisco de Enzinas was born to a family of rich merchants in Burgos, at the time a dynamic and prospering city. Enzinas would become one of the first representatives of the Spanish Protestantism.

We are hosting this Conference to commemorate both the anniversary of the beginning of the Protestant Reformation and of the birth of Francisco de Enzinas. Enzinas is the author of the first complete New Testament translation of the Holy Scriptures into Castilian. He also translated several works by Luther, Calvin and several ancient Greek and Roman authors. But he was, above all, one of the most outstanding figures of Humanism and of the first century of the Spanish Reformation.

For all these reasons, our Conference will delve into a deeper understanding of this leading figure and his work, putting him in his historical, humanistic and reformed context.  Also, we will pay attention to intellectual, cultural, political and religious issues.

Additionally, the Conference emphasis will also be put in the need to stablishing criteria to help understand the new concepts linked to the events taking place in the religious frontiers created at that significant moment of European history. Ultimately, the presence of Protestant Reformation in modern times Spain will be revised and evaluated.


Wednesday, 29/11 Cultural Cordón

18:00 Welcome of participants

19:00 Opening Ceremony

19:30 Plenary: Prof. Ricardo García Cárcel. Full Professor of Modern History. Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona. The Reformation and Charles V


Thursday, 30/11 Romeros room / Aula Magna

9:30 Round table A: Burgos, between commerce and the Protestant Reformation

Mesa A. Burgos, entre el comercio y la Reforma.

9:30 Presentation: Raymond Fagel. Lecturer. Universiteit Leiden. God or Money: Merchants from Burgos in Flanders

10:15 Presentation: Ignacio García Pinilla. Full Professor. Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha. Toledo.  Francisco de Enzinas, son of a merchant in a world of merchants

11:00 Discussion

11:30 Coffee break

12:00 a 14:45 Presentations and discussion

16:30 Table B: Inquisition, Monarchy and Protestant Reformation

16:30 Presentation: Doris Moreno Martínez, Lecturer of Modern History. Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona. Between politics and religion: Spanish Inquisition and the Reformation

17:15 Presentation: Stefania Pastore, Lecturer of Renaissance and Modern European History. Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa. Francisco de Enzinas, Pedro de Lerma and the doctrine of impeccability

18:00 Discussion

18:15 Coffee break

18:30 a 20:00 Presentations and discussion


Friday, 1/12 Romeros room or Aula Magna

9:30 Round Table C: University and Humanism

9:30 Presentation: Els Agten. Research Associate. Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies, KU Leuven. Traveling scholars and circulating ideas in early modern Europe. The case of Francisco de Enzinas

10:15 Presentation: Jorge Bergua Cavero. Associate Professor of Greek Philology. Universidad de Málaga. Humanism in Spain and Europe: Lights and shadows of an intellectual revolution

11:00 Discussion

11:30 Coffee break

12:00 Round Table: Francisco de Enzinas: Religious frontiers in modern Spain

Participants: Mercedes García-Arenal (Research Professor. CSIC), Manuel Peña Díaz (Full Professor of Early Modern History. Universidad de Córdoba), José Luis Betrán Moya, (Associate Professor of Early Modern History. Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona).

13:00 – 14:00 Presentations and discussion

16:30 Table D: Translation and the Bible

16:30 Presentation: Jonathan Nelson. Professor of Historical Theology. ProMETA program. Francisco de Enzinas’ New Testament: The vicissitudes of a prohibited text

17:00 Presentation: Francisco Socas Gavilán. Professor Emeritus of Greek and Latin Philology. Universidad de Sevilla. An approach to Francisco de Enzinas’ Memoires

17:30 Discussion

17:45 Coffee break

18:00 Closing Plenary: José Luis Villacañas Berlanga. Full Professor of Philosophy. Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Enzinas: The continuity of the conversed world and the reformed one

18:45 Discussion and closing



1 and 2 of December, 2017.

THEATRAL REPRESENTATION: Memory of ashes. Bambalúa theater. The show narrates the exciting life of  Francisco de Enzinas, writer, translator, publisher and university professor at Cambridge’s University.

  • PLACE: Forum Evolution. Conference room. Paseo Sierra de Atapuerca. 09002 Burgos. Phone: +34 947 259 575
  • TIME: 20.30 h.

1 to 30 of December, 2017

EXHIBITION: Bible trajectory in Spanish  

  • PLACE: Exhibition Hall of the Consulate of the Sea. Paseo del Espolón, 14. 09003 Burgos.
  • TIMETABLE: From Tuesday to Friday from 18 to 21 h.