Author Guidelines (Paper/Invited speakers)

Full text of accepted presentations should be sent to before October 30, 2017.
Style sheet:

  • Authors should provide the title of their work, an abstract not exceeding ten lines of length, and key words, both in Spanish and English.
  • Full name and affiliation should be included under the title.
  • Papers should not exceed 15 pages and plenaries 25, references, tables and graphs included. The style should be font Time New Roman, font size 12, line spacing 1,5,
  • The margin settings are: Moderate, Top (2.54 cm), Bottom (2.54 cm), Left (1,91 cm), Right (1.91 cm).
  • Footnotes should be numbered in correlative superscript Arabic numerals. Font Time New Roman 10, line spacing 1,0.
  • References should be inserted as footnotes following these guidelines:
  • Books: Author(s) LAST NAME (Uppercase), author(s) first name (Roman type); title (Italics), place, year (separated by a comma) and page number(s). Example:
  • BARRIO GOZALO, Maximiliano: Los obispos de Castilla y León durante el Antiguo Régimen, Zamora, 2000, p. 9.
  • Journal articles, book chapters, conference proceedings, etc.: follow guidelines for books. Title in quotation marks followed by –if there is one- LAST NAME(S), first name (Uppercase) of coordinator or editor, title of the journal or book, volume, date, pages and page(s) cited. Example:
  • Journal article: AMIGO VÁZQUEZ, Lourdes: “El espectáculo de las postrimerías. Exequias reales en Valladolid durante los siglos XVII y XVIII”, en Boletín de la Real Academia de Bellas Artes de la Purísima Concepción, nº 45, 2010, pp. 43-60, p. 7
  • Book chapter: AZANZA LÓPEZ, José Javier: “Oración fúnebre, emblemática y jeroglíficos en las exequias reales: palabra e imagen al servicio de la exaltación regia”, en ZAFRA MOLINA, Rafael (coord.): Emblemática trascendente: hermenéutica de la imagen, iconología del texto, 2011, pp. 175-194, p. 17.
  • Electronic documents, Web pages or Blogs: Last name, name (year): “Title”, Internet page <http://www.[complete URL]> [date accessed], or “Title”. Internet page: <http://www.[complete URL]> [date accessed].
  • When a work has already been mentioned in a previous footnote, write LAST NAME(S), first name, first words of title followed by ellipsis and the page(s) quoted. Example:
  • BARRIO GOZALO, Maximiliano: Los obispos…p. 75.
  • AMIGO VÁZQUEZ, Lourdes: “El espectáculo…p. 97.
  • References to documents from archives will be inserted as footnotes and formatted as follows:
    First the acronym of the archive followed by the reference of the document, in the following order: series, section or collection name, box or file, folder and/or folio and a short identification of it. Example:
    (when first cited, the acronym which identifies the archive should be explained in parenthesis:) AHPBu (Archivo Histórico Provincial de Burgos), Protocolos Notariales, Libro 131, ff. 1260-1261, Testamento e Inventario de Lesmes de Astudillo.
  • Illustrations should be numbered correlatively followed by the caption. They should also be enclosed independently, size limit 3MB (72 dpi. 13 x 18 cm), JPEG format, identifying each archive with the number of the illustration; its reference will be inserted in the adequate location of the page together with the abbreviation “fig.” in parenthesis.