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Fran and Su:

“A great change does not make a single person, but a shared cause”.


From the University of Burgos, Social Entrepreneurship opens the way to provide contacts, information, training and direct action on the reality of their environment, with a particular destination for young participants with a greater or lesser relation to the university, entrepreneurial and social.

On October 20,21 and 22, 2017, the “II Burgos Social Startup” takes place with the aim of boosting the Social Entrepreneurship, both in the local and provincial area, and from a threefold perspective:

  • Direct action in collaboration with social organizations from the knowledge of their needs and challenges
  • Knowledge of experiences on social entrepreneurship projects.
  • The example of successful cases promoted by social entrepreneurs in rural areas.

The event, organized by the Department of Applied Economics of the University of Burgos and UBUEMPLEA, is configured as a meeting place for people and organizations and institutions, each contributing its value, to improve the living conditions of groups in situation susceptible of social support.

The local framework is extended to the provincial, regional and national area according to the place of origin and the final interests of its participants. In addition, a part of these also contact with the international scope, since from the event it is counted on selecting teams that acquire training and international experience through the enjoyment of the prize for the best project designed by them.

To do this, during the event, the registered participants form work teams to propose, develop and defend social intervention projects, which can become social entrepreneurship actions.

The University space, during the weekend, becomes a means to receive and collect information, to obtain training and guidance, and to promote action projects already initiated or emerging during the conference.

The teams develop their proposals after connecting with associations and social organizations, with projects of social entrepreneurship consolidated and with cases of success of entrepreneurs in different areas, as well as having the support of a wide team of Mentors, with whom they will debate their ideas for assess the scope and feasibility of them.

The groups have the opportunity to present their projects in front of a specialized jury in charge of choosing the people who will receive, as main prize, a trip of one week to Lisbon to get in touch with Portuguese social organizations. In this way, the selected youngsters will be able to enjoy an international experience on social entrepreneurship, which aims to improve, through practice, their training in tools, resources and networks, with the aim of expanding their entrepreneurial skills.

Other teams may be selected to receive support in the pursuit of their projects because, in order to favor all participants, the Jury may propose, as secondary awards, in the case of some of the submitted projects, their inclusion in programs of support to the enterprise within the calls of collaborating institutions of the event, as well as of the Office for the Emerging Graduate of the UBU.

In addition, for undergraduate students enrolled in this university activity, 1 credit has been requested in their studies.



General Objective:

  • Put in value and expand the link of the UBU with the reality of its “Social Environment” in a proactive way and with results of direct application through social entrepreneurship.


Specific Objectives:

  • Make easier the contact of university students with “social organizations and social entrepreneurship” to produce a mutual contribution of value through collaboration.


  • Make visible the work of “organizations and social entrepreneurs” as a means of inspiration for young university students


  • Offering “visibility to the diversity of social reality” and to the possibility of innovation and social entrepreneurship as intervention resources


  • To foster the “entrepreneurial spirit of university students” in the social fields, influencing their responsibility within society


  • Complete the university training with “training and experiences in social entrepreneurship” in different areas and with different groups


  • To offer to Burgos society a “resource of reflection and sensization” on the situation of the social needs of people and organizations


  • To serve as support from the university and from its CSR, to other institutions interested in “collective work for the improvement of social justice”

Francisco Villar y Susana Corral


Francisco Javier Villar Mata  

College professor of the Department of Applied Economics of the UBU

Susana Corral Alonso

Brand and Coach Consultant for social and personal entrepreneurship.
Technician of Employment-Ubuemplea. University of Burgos

Laura Sainz Bermejo

Double degree in law and business management